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“Real success is NOT determined by the scoreboard, or even by the won/lost record. Rather, it is the peace of mind that is attained ONLY by MAKING THE EFFORT to do THE BEST OF WHICH YOU ARE CAPABLE of doing at any task in which you are engaged.”   John Wooden


Welcome to Socastee High School Swimming for 2017. Our Philosophy is evident in our Goals, which are to: Have Fun, Swim Fast, Improve our Conditioning, practice Drills to Improve our Strokes, Practice Great Sportsmanship, Make Friends, and Do the Best of Which We are Capable!

We are looking forward to an excellent year. The team is open to students who will be in the 7th –12th grade in the fall of 2017. The Swim Team consists of the girls and boys teams which practice together. We compete at the 5A level. Practice Space & Coaching Resources are limited, so you must already have swimming ability, we are unable to accommodate non-swimmers. Tryouts will be held the first four days of practice: Monday July 31st – Thursday August 3rd.

WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT NEW & RETURNING SWIMMERS TRAIN AND SWIM COMPETITIVELY DURING THE SUMMER IN ONE OF THE EXCELLENT SUMMER PROGRAMS. Here are some links to summer swim programs:  Coastal Aquatic Club;   City of Myrtle Beach Aquatics Programs;   North Myrtle Beach Aquatics & Fitness Center; Healthpoint Fitness Center

The season will start on Monday July 31st. It will be 11 weeks long and will culminate with the Region Championship Swim Meet on October 7th and the State Championship Swim Meet on October 14th.

Practices will be at the Coastal Carolina Pool on M-W-F and at Prestwick Country Club on T-Th. The times and dates are listed on the calendar:

Socastee Swimming Calendar & Schedule

Please arrive early so you will be ready to go at the start of practice. Most all swim meets will be on Saturdays, but there is the possibility of one mid-week meet. As of now, the first meet will be on Saturday August 26th and there will be a swim meet almost every weekend until the State Championship Meet on October 14th. This could include Labor Day weekend. The current schedule is on the calendar.

Links to Google maps of all the Pool locations are at the bottom of the “Schedule” page.

ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE A COMPLETED SCHOOL PHYSICAL FORM ON FILE AT PlanetHS TO BE ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY PRACTICES. In addition, all other required forms, such as your birth certificate, must also be uploaded to this site. The Birth Certificate is required in order to be approved by the South Carolina High School League to participate in swim meets.

The Physical form is available at:            Athletic History & Physical Form

Everyone will compete in the Region Championship Swim Meet. However, qualifying to swim in the State Championship meet will be based on predetermined        “Qualifying Times”    , which are located on page 22 under “Class AAAAA”.  Perennially, there are many fast swimmers from the Upstate. Thus, you will generally need to achieve the  “Automatic” Qualifying times rather than the “Consideration” times, in order to make it to the State Championship.

Swim Team Captains for the 2017 season will be selected by the team members during the second week of practice.

The swim suit for 2017 is the TYR Phoenix Splice, the same suit as last year. It is available from         Augusta Swim Supply.        In the Left Column, click on “Team Login” which is at the bottom, under the “Information” Header. The User Name is “Socastee” and the Password is “1234”. You will also need a practice suit, as the team suit should only be used for swim meets.