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“Real success is NOT determined by the scoreboard, or even by the won/lost record. Rather, it is the peace of mind that is attained ONLY by MAKING THE EFFORT to do THE BEST OF WHICH YOU ARE CAPABLE of doing at any task in which you are engaged.”   John Wooden

Welcome to Socastee High School Swimming for 2021. Our Philosophy is evident in our Goals, which are to: Have Fun, Swim Fast, Improve our Conditioning, Practice Drills to Improve our Strokes, Practice Great Sportsmanship, Make Friends, and Do the Best of Which We are Capable!

We are looking forward to an excellent year. The team is open to students who will be in the 7th –12th grade in the fall of 2021. The Swim Team consists of the girls and boys teams which practice together. We compete at the 5A level. We welcome all students and would love to have you come tryout for the Team.

The season will start on Monday August 2nd. For most swimmers, the season will be 9 weeks long and will culminate with the Region Championship Swim Meet on October 2nd. For those swimmers who qualify for the State Championship Swim Meet, the season will be 10 weeks long and will end the weekend of October 8th.

Because of the residual effects of the pandemic, the first two weeks of practice will be Very Different.

Beginning on August 2nd, we will have M-W-F practice from 11:00am – 1:00 at the Mary Canty/Canal St pool. This will include an hour of swimming & and hour of Drylands. These practices will end on Friday August 13th.

Beginning Tuesday, August 3rd we will have Tues-Thur practices at Prestwick Country Club from 6:00pm-7:30pm. These usually end in mid-September, when it gets to cold & dark to swim outdoors.

Saturday August 7th & 14th, we will practice at Pepper Geddings from 2:00-4:00pm.

Monday August 16th, we will have a partial group (group to be determined) practice at Pepper Geddings from 4:00-5:00pm.

Then, beginning on Wednesday August 18th, through the end of the season, we will practice Mon & Wed at Coastal Carolina University from 4:00-6:00pm. There will be NO practice on Labor Day, Sept 6th.

Each Friday, beginning August 20th through September 10th we will have Drylands at Socastee High School from 4:00pm-5:00pm.

Pool time is expensive & limited, so please arrive at the pool early so you will be ready to get in the water at the start of practice.
The times and dates for Practices are listed on the calendar:

Socastee Swimming Calendar & Schedule

The swim Meet schedule is still in a state of flux. The first swim meet is Saturday August 28th. There will be a meet in Sumter on September 7th. The Socastee Sponsored Swim Meet will be on Sept 18th. North Myrtle Beach will have a meet on Thursday September 30th, and there may be some other meets. The Region Championship will be October 2nd. The State Championship Meet will be on the weekend of Oct 8th.
The Swim Meet schedule is on the calendar above.

Links to Google maps of all the Pool locations are at the bottom of the “Schedule” page.

ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE A COMPLETED SCHOOL PHYSICAL FORM ON FILE AT PlanetHS TO BE ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY PRACTICES. In addition, all other required forms, such as your birth certificate, must also be uploaded to this site. The Birth Certificate is required in order to be approved by the South Carolina High School League to participate in swim meets.
The information needed to sign up for PlanetHS is located at the top of the Physical Form which is linked below.

The Physical form is available at:            Athletic History & Physical Form

Everyone will compete in the Region Championship Swim Meet. However, qualifying to swim in the State Championship meet will be based on predetermined        Qualifying Times    (See page 28 of this pdf file and look at the AAAAA times).  Perennially, there are many fast swimmers from the Upstate. Thus, you will generally need to achieve the  “Automatic” Qualifying times rather than the “Consideration” times, in order to make it to the State Championship.

Swim Team Captains for the 2021 season will be selected by the team members, with input & direction from the Coaches, once the season has begun.

The swim suit for 2021 is the Speedo Coded Riff. We will be obtaining the suits from         Augusta Swim Supply.        This year our new AD, Coach Vinson, has arranged to fund swim suits for all of our swimmers! Once the season begins, we will obtain size information, and order as a group. Boys will need to decide on a Jammer vs a Brief.

You will also need a practice suit, because the team suit should only be used for swim meets. A good resource for fins and an inexpensive practice suit is Swim Outlet.