Rules & Expectations

High School Swimming is a Team sport. You will be letting down the entire team if you are not present for a practice or a meet.


Respect yourself by taking care of yourself during the season, eating well and getting enough sleep.

Respect your teammates by giving 100% effort during practice and swim meets.

Respect your competitors by wishing them Good Luck before the race and shaking hands and congratulating them on a good race after it is over. Without them, there is no swim meet!

Respect your Parents, the Officials and Coaches by not talking when they are talking and by saying yes Sir and yes Ma’am to every Adult.


PRESTWICK RULESWe are Guests. Please do not jeopardize our ability to use the pool.
1 – Always pick up. Leave the pool cleaner & neater than when we arrived.
2 – Always respect the Prestwick families & children who are using the pool.
3 – Drive SLOWLY & CAREFULLY through the development, without loud music. Otherwise you will be asked to park outside the gate and walk in.
4 – Walk directly into the Pavilion area if the gate is open, not through the office.
5 – There is a Code posted on the keypad at both entrances to that part of Prestwick. It will connect you with the Pool/Tennis office. Tell them you are there for Socastee High School swim practice and they will open the gate.

At the Swim Meets

Show respect for yourself and your teammates by staying well hydrated with water or Sports drinks (NOT Energy drinks). Do NOT buy or consume Junk food, sodas etc. until AFTER the meet is over, i.e. respect yourself and the team enough that you don’t make yourself Hypoglycemic in the middle of your event!

Pay attention to how the meet is progressing and when your events are. It is your responsibility to be on the starting block at the correct time. Help your teammates stay organized and get to the blocks at the correct time. If someone misses an event, SOCASTEE loses points! Veterans help the newcomers.

Warm up before your event to Optimize your performance. You should do some drills, interspersed with a little speed work. Enough of a warm up to loosen up, but not enough to have any perception of tiredness. You should finish the warm up about 10 minutes before the start of your event. Cool Down after each event to get rid of lactic acid, so you will not “hit the wall” in your next event. A stretched out 200 Free is a good cool down.

Clean up the Socastee Area after every swim meet. Leave our area Cleaner than we found it. NO ONE should leave the meet until this is completed.

GREAT SPORTSMANSHIP IS EXPECTED OF ALL OUR SWIMMERS — Socastee Swimmers should exhibit superior sportsmanship compared to all other swimmers & athletes.
1 – Speak to your competitors before the race, wish them luck etc. Remember, without them, there is no race/competition!
2 – Always shake hands with the swimmers on each side of your lane at the end of the race. Look them in the eyes, and congratulate them on a great race or good job.
3 – All Sports should be like Rugby: when you are playing/competing you go all out, as hard fast & aggressive as possible. Once the competition is over, have a great time with your competitors as friends.

Pool preparation and clean up is EVERYONE’S responsibility. No one should have to tell you to put the lane ropes in. No one is to leave until the lane ropes have been stored and the pool has been restored to an excellent condition.

The CAPTAINS are responsible for:
1 – Initiating & planning swim functions and get togethers.
2 – Facilitating communication between swimmers and coaches, and among swimmers.
4 – Arranging for T-shirts / Hoodies.
5 – Arranging and Conducting an end of the year New Swimmer sign up at Socastee & Forestbrook.
6 – Public Relations – Making sure both schools get write ups & announcements of results after every meet. Coordinating coverage by the school paper and yearbook.
7 – Coordinating pool preparation and clean up


Each of you should set Specific Performance Goals, the more specific the better. (ex: I want to swim a 27:00, 50 Free.) Write these Goals down and look at the List of Goals every day during the swim season. Tell someone about your goals. These steps will significantly increase your odds of achieving your goals.
Our Goals as Coaches are to help you improve your fitness & health and your swimming form & times. We want you to have fun & make new friends.

Every Swimmer MUST BRING A WATER BOTTLE to every practice. Dehydration will impede your performance. Every Swimmer Must bring a Drag Suit and Fins to every practice. Please wear a racing suit under the drag suit, as we will spend some time each practice without the drag suits.

After each practice or swim meet, you should “refuel” within 30 – 45 minutes, to optimize your recovery. Chocolate milk is an Ideal recovery drink.

Every swimmer is expected to learn all four strokes and strive for proficiency in 2 strokes.