7 Best Backstroke Drills

Kick on Back

Arms Tightly Streamlined Overhead. Aggresive kick, Make the water “Boil”.

One Arm Backstroke

“Arm Acceleration Drill” To work on improving your Catch and accelerating the back half of your stroke. Make sure the other Shoulder Rolls up out of the water with each under water arm pull. Keep the non-swimming arm at youe side.

Backstroke Fist Drill

Designed to improve your Catch and Work on Getting a Good Pull with Your Forearms. Then when you swim with your hands open, it should feel like you are swimming with Paddles.

Scull Drill

To improve the first part of your Catch/Stroke.When rolled over on one side, repeatedly work on the first 12 inches of your pull, then extend your hand and do it again. Teaches you how to get a better “feel” for the water.

Spin Drill

To increase your Tempo. This is Aggressive, Fast, and Quick, with your Head out of water. Don’t worry about Form.

Slide & Glide

This is designed to improve your Glide/Steamline. It is a variable (2-6) count Arm Lead, followed by a Stroke to other side then a 2-6 Count Arm Lead on the other side.

Pull Buoy Back

This Helps eliminate Crossover. Sit up a bit in the water, so you can see your hands enter at 11 & 1. Should feel like you are chopping the water somewhat.