7 Best Breaststroke Drills


Breast Kick on Back

Work on a tight kick with a long glide. Work on accelerating the last 18 inches of your kick and slamming your heels together.Try to Keep your knees “hidden” below the water. Good streamline.


This is a great drill to work on increasing the foot/leg speed of your kick. 2 kicks with your right leg (the other leg stays extended), 2 kicks with your left leg, then 2 kicks with both (regular Breaststroke kick).

Breaststroke Fist Drill

This is to Work on Getting a Good Pull with Your Forearms, and improving the power of your pull. It can be done with a regular Breaststroke kick or a Flutter kick.

Quick Hands

This is to work on the timing of your Pull and getting back to the steamlined position as quickly as possible. Do this drill with a flutter kick.

Combo Drill / Modified Combo

This is designed to take the Body Dolphin of Butterfly, and add that Motion & Power to Breaststroke.You can do it as True Combo: 1 stroke Fly & 1 stroke Breast or you can do it as a Modified Combo: Breaststroke Arms with alternating Breast Kick & Dolphin Kick.

3 – 2 – 1 Drill

This drill will improve your Breaststroke kick. It is 3 Breaststroke kicks with one full stroke, then 2 kicks with one full stroke, then one kick followed by one full stroke.

Karla Drill

This again is a drill designed to add a body dolphin motion/power to your Breaststroke. It consists of one stroke of one arm Butterfly(right), one stroke of one arm Fly (left), and one Non-Breathing Breaststroke followed by one regular Breathing Breaststroke.