7 Best Butterfly Drills


Body Dolphin (Head or Arm Lead)

This drill is designed to work on the fundamental motion of Butterfly. To get the movement, think about Manipulating your lungs just above the water line & just below the water line, then let the rest of your body follow. Move your head up through one spot just above the water, then lift hips through that same spot. You need to Relax your lower back and remember, it is Not a Dolphin Kick.

Dolphin Kick on Back

A great way to work on the Dolphin kick, without having to worry about breaking your rhythm to get oxygen. Your Arms are streamlined overhead.

One Arm Fly

This is Michael Phelps favorite Butterfly drill. It is great for working on the Rhythm of Fly. Keep the movement exactly the same as when you are swimming butterfly (not like one arm Freestyle). Use a Two beat kick, and let your arm exit the water out to the side (not down beside your leg).

2 – 2 – 2 Fly

This drill helps you work on the rhythm of Fly without getting too worn out. It also helps you work on keeping your head low and going Forward ,avoiding too much vertical movement in the stroke. It consists of 2 strokes of one arm Fly (right), 2 strokes of one arm (left), and 2 strokes of non-breathing butterfly.

Fly Arms with Flutter Kick

Good drill for Decreasing Excessive Up & Down motion in Butterfly. The Arms should exit the water 2/3 of way back then “throw” them forward to recover and start the arm pull again.

3 – 3 Drill

This drill will also help decrease excessive vertical motion in your stroke. It consists of 3 strokes with a flutter kick and 3 strokes with a dolphin.

No, Pretend, Sneaky Breath

Another drill designed to help keep you low in the water. First take 1 Non-Breathing stroke, then 1 Stroke with your face out out of the water, but not quite high enough to take a breath, looking down at 45 degree angle, and then 1 Stroke taking a “Sneaky” Breath, trying to keep it low enough to hide it from an observer.