Breaststroke Dogma


1 – Stroke with the Greatest Drag / Resistance
Thus work on Technique can have the biggest payoff.

2 – 2nd Toughest / Most Strenuous stroke.
Thus if you are using the Breaststroke Leg to Recover you aren’t swimming fast.

3 – Legs are key to Breaststroke.
Minimize Resistance as bring legs forward.
Slam Heels together to maximize power.
Power comes from legs, esp. last 12 inches.

4 – Never ever swim slow “recovery” breaststroke
you will destroy your rhythm & teach yourself poor streamline

5 – 60 – 80 % of Breaststroke Training should be Component Training.

6 – You never go faster than when Gliding. The Goal is to get back to your Glide as quick as possible.

7 – Common mistake is Extending head as sweep to a “Y”, rather than Lowering head.

8 – Always keep Head & Neck in neutral… look down at water at 45-degree angle.

9 –This is a Rhythm in front stroke. Timing is Critical. Head & arms are balancing tools. Try to get back to streamline as quick as possible.

10 – Stroke should be shallow. Don’t bring head too high or let legs drop too low.